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Weight Loss Basics

weight loss basics:

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious.
Success is the natural consequence
of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

The following pages under WEIGHT LOSS are for information only. Before starting on any diet, weight loss or otherwise, and fitness or exercise programs, it is always advisable to seek appropriate professional advice.

Understanding Weight Loss Basics

Understanding Weight Loss Basics: Blackboard on Easel

The following series of articles on weight loss basics will help you understand the basics needed for healthy permanent weight loss. I will try to explain, in the following articles why, if you know the basics of whatever you may attempt, be it losing weight or anything else, your chances of success are far greater than just rushing blindly into something you don’t really understand.

Simply by reading this article suggests to me that you have already made the decision to lose weight or are looking for ways to help you lose weight.

lifelong commitment

Healthy permanent weight loss is not achieved overnight. It is a lifelong commitment and needs dedication, willpower and, above all, an overwhelming desire to win. So I strongly suggest that, before embarking on any weight loss program, you read and digest all the articles in the series. They may help you decide whether you have that commitment.Understanding Weight Loss Basics: Obesity - The Silent Killer

You may find it helpful, before starting on these articles, to read my post: Obesity. Obesity – The Silent Killer explains some of the health problems related to being overweight or obese.

If, after reading and studying the articles, you feel you have the necessary commitment and desire to win, congratulations, now you need to act! Starting with Understanding Weight Loss Basics: Introduction, you will take each article individually and act upon them.

When you have completed all nine articles and feel you are ready to embark on a weight loss program you will need a plan, discussed more fully in Article 3.

Once you have devised a plan, it is always advisable to consult your doctor, who, after telling him/her what you are planning to do, may give you a medical examination and advise you further before starting on any weight loss program.

The nine articles on Understanding Weight Loss Basics are as follows:

  • Understanding Weight Loss Basics: Introduction.
  • Article 1: The First Three Weight Loss Basics You Need To Understand.
  • Article 2: Why You Need A Reason To Lose Weight.
  • Article 3: Why You Need A Plan.
  • Article 4: Aids To Dieting, Helpful Or Not?
  • Article 5: Understanding Calories.
  • Article 6: Dieting For Weight Loss.
  • Article 7: Understanding Vitamin And Mineral Supplements.
  • Article 8: Water – How Much Do We Really Need?

Understanding Weight Loss Basics – Introduction

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