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Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 4

The Sixth Weight Loss Basic:
Aids To Dieting, Helpful Or Not?

You should, by now, have already read Understanding Weight Loss Basics: Introduction, and the three previous articles in the series. In this fourth article we will look at the sixth weight loss basic you need to understand: Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 4: Aids To Dieting.

Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 4:
Beware The False Prophets!

In this sixth article of Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 4, I will try to explain the pros and cons of dieting aids.

You have probably seen the ads in your daily newspaper or glossy slimming magazine extolling the virtues of “Our New Wonder Weight Reducing Pill – Lose 20lbs In 20 Days” or “Dieting Made Easy With Our Miracle Weight Loss Diet”.

Understanding Weight Loss Basics - 4: It Didn't Work!Believe me, there is no magic wand, single ingredient, wonder pill or miracle diet that will lead to long-term healthy weight loss.

As mentioned in a previous article, weight gain is a problem you will have for the rest of your life and can only be controlled by a proper calorie-controlled healthy diet.

If you feel you have a weight loss problem and think pills may help, consult your doctor who, after examination, and if the doctor deems it necessary, may prescribe certain drugs which have been clinically tested, and as with all other drugs, put through exhaustive tests before being licensed, and can only be prescribed and given under medical supervision.

If your medical practitioner does issue a prescription, possibly diuretics or stimulants, never exceed the recommended dosage, as increasing the dosage to try and speed up weight loss can be extremely dangerous. See Post: Choosing The Right Diet To Avoid Obesity

All other pills are herbal based and, as such, do not need to be clinically tested or licensed as they are not classed as medicine or drugs, and can be obtained freely from any herbal supplier. Unless recommended by your medical practitioner, dietician, or nutritionist, never buy slimming pills on line.

Although claimed to be herbal based, many contain undeclared substances banned in many countries, and can have serious health repercussions, some even resulting in fatalities. See Post: Slimming Aids – The Risks and Slimming Aids – The Risks: Update

Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 4:
Costly Way To Go Back To Square One

Many of these pills have been tested and found wanting. Some have even been found to have no weight loss properties whatsoever, and are only a placebo to make you feel you are doing something about your weight problem.

If you decide to go with the “Wonder Pill” or “Miracle Diet”, understand that, if they do work, and you do reach whatever weight you want to be, you will need to come off them eventually, as you cannot keep on losing weight indefinitely.

Understanding Weight Loss Basics - 4: Body Images: From This To ThisThe “Wonder Pill” or “Miracle Diet” will only be effective, if at all, while using them and, in all probability, once you have stopped using them find you start putting weight back on, revert to your old lifestyle and finish up heavier than when you first started using them.

This will normally lead to a sense of failure and frustration at wasting money, that maybe you could ill afford, only to be back to square one.

A proper calorie-controlled weight loss diet based on your calorie maintainance level will maintain the weight you want to be indefinitely, and probably no more expensive than so-called wonder pills or miracle diets.

One other way to lose weight is to sign up with one of the many reputable companies that will supply you with your daily calorie-controlled diets. No doubt, these diets will probably work for you but can also be quite expensive. Can you afford them until you reach your targeted weight?

What will happen if you can no longer afford them before you reach your targeted weight? Or how long can you afford them after reaching your targeted weight?

In both scenarios you will have to dispense with them and probably revert back to square one after spending what could be a considerable amount of money, again maybe that you couldn’t really afford.

I, personally, don’t believe any of the above is conducive to healthy, long-term weight loss. They may help you achieve your desired weight in the short-term but they are no substitute for a long-term healthy weight loss program.

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