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Choosing The Right Diet To Avoid Obesity

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Obesity – an ever-Increasing problem

One of the problems evident in a modern developed society is the ever increasing number of people suffering from being overweight or obese due to bad diet.Choosing The Rght Diet: Obesity 1

In the US, seventy percent of the adult population are overweight with thirty-five percent, that’s around seventy-eight million people, being considered as obese.

Choosing The Right Diet: Obesity 2In the UK, sixty-four percent of the adult population are overweight with twenty-five percent, that’s around twenty million people, being considered as obese.

Almost every day we’re bombarded with ads promoting the latest weight loss miracle diet or fad diet telling us how easy it is to lose weight. Question: If it’s so easy why isn’t everyone who suffers from weight gain doing it?

Believe me, there is no easy way to lose weight. As anyone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off will probably tell you: It takes willpower, dedication, and above all, a burning desire to succeed.

a lifelong problem

Let’s face it, unless you are one of the lucky minority whose metabolism burns off excess calories rather than store them as fat, you will have to live with dieting if you want to remain at a healthy weight for your age and sex. The question then is: “How do I do it effectively and safely?”

Unfortunately, weight gain is a lifelong problem that the majority ofChooosing The Right Diet : Fruit and Veg people suffer from. It cannot be cured, but it can be controlled by a healthy calorie-controlled diet.

We all need essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to stay healthy. A well-balanced diet must meet these nutritional require­ments or it could threaten general health and physical fitness.

If you are dieting for weight loss these ingredients are still essential in keeping you healthy enough to be active but still providing only enough calories that can be burned away in the course of a day, preventing them from accumulating as fat.

choosing the right diet

There is no such thing as a “One Diet Fits All”. The fact is not every diet works for everyone. That is because there are metabolic differences between individuals. The challenge is to choose a diet that works for you.

Some people use extreme dieting patterns in a desperate effort to lose weight. Not only are these ineffective, but also dangerous to their general wellbeing.

Starvation diets are undertaken by many to gain what they believe is the perfect figure But these diets are normally counter-productive leading to yo-yo dieting, which refers to alternating periods of feasting and famine causing constant fluctuations in body weight which, in many cases, can be more harmful that being overweight.

When you starve, the body responds by actually slowing down your metabolism in an effort to conserve calories. When you begin consuming food again, the extra calories gets stored as fat.

Certain medical conditions require special diets. Anybody on a diet to control a medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, celiac or kidney disease or any other medical condition that requires a special diet, it is imperative that they consult their physician before even contemplating starting on a weight loss program.

aids to dieting

Diet pills are quite popular among health-conscious individuals but think very carefully before deciding to use slimming or dieting aids. Most slimming aids are herbal based and as such do not have to be licensed and can be obtained freely online or over the counter at any drug or health store.

Most include substances extracted from medicinal plants and herbs. These plants and herbs are many and varied and the medicinal properties extracted from them come in the form of tablets, capsules, powders and liquids.

Some contain vitamins and minerals and are not effective weight-loss tools for everyone. They can cause short-term weight loss, but the loss is normally accompanied by dangerous side-effects.

There are many that have been tested by various medical organizations and most were found to be completely useless and some downright dangerous, containing substances banned in many countries. If you wish to see a list of slimming aids banned by the US FDA. See posts: Slimming Aids – The Risks and Slimming Aids – The Risks: Update

I would not recommend buying slimming aids online as what may be banned in one country may be obtained quite legally in another, mainly because they haven’t been tested by that country’s FDA.

Don’t confuse diet pills with diet drugs. Diet drugs can be classified into two categories: Diuretics and Stimulants and are normally only available on prescription from your physician and should only be used as directed. Never increase the stipulated dosage in an effort to speed up weight loss, as this can have serious consequences on your general health.

Diuretics induce water-weight loss, while stimulants such as ephedrine increase the heart rate and reduce appetite. These drugs are extremely dangerous and can cause kidney and liver damage. The stimulants increase your risk of sudden heart attacks and can also become addictive.

Again, never buy slimming aids on line, you may be buying yourself a whole heap of trouble and possibly irreversible damage to your health. Many of these prescription only drugs are sold illegally online by companies changing the name and claiming, quite falsely, that their product has been approved by their FDA.

If you feel weight loss aids may help you, consult your doctor, who may issue a suitable prescription, dispensed by qualified pharmacists.

Go on a diet if you need to. But play it safe and do it in consultation with your doctor. And remember, if one diet does not work for you, it doesn’t mean you have failed. With determination you will still find a diet regimen that will work wonders for you.

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