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Understanding Weight Loss Basics – Introduction

understanding Weight Loss Basics – Introduction

Understanding Weight Loss Basics – Introduction will attempt to explain what is needed for healthy permanent weight loss. By following and implementing the following articles in understanding weight loss basics, I believe you will have a far greater chance of success in the long term than without any prior knowledge of weight loss.

How many people, particularly as a New Year resolution, or at some other time throughout the year, decide they’re going on a diet and lose weight? Probably millions in Europe and the U.S. alone. How many will ever succeed and reach their goal?Understanding Weight Loss Basics - Introduction

“The second day of a diet is always easier than the first.

By the second day, you’re off it.”


The above quotation may have been said in jest but it also has a ring of truth. Un­fortunately, maybe not as quickly as Jackie Gleason, it is a fact that seventy-five percent of people who start a weight loss program will have given up within the first month. Why? Because they entered into something they didn’t really understand!

understanding weight loss basics – Introduction:
Changing Your Lifestyle

Before starting on any weight loss program you will have to accept the fact that a change in your lifestyle is inevitable, not an option, and, in some cases, also members of your family. It is also essential that you learn and understand the basics of healthy weight loss.

Unless there is a medical problem causing your weight gain, which only a full medical by a physician will reveal, there is no cure for weight gain, like alcoholism, it is a problem you will have for the rest of your life.

Fortunately, unlike an alcoholic who must abstain from alcohol for the rest of their life, you can control your weight problem by healthy calorie-controlled diets and exercise. Long-term weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a lifelong challenge.

Dieting for weight loss is not for the faint-hearted. Just as it takes commitment, willpower and a determination to succeed when quitting smoking or overcoming alcoholism, so it is with losing weight, and anyone who tells you differently is not being truthful with you. Understanding the basics will help you decide whether you are up for the challenge.

Do You Really Need To Understand Weight Loss Basics?

Why bother with basics? Why can’t I just get on with it? You can! But, without laying something solid to build on, your chances of successful long-term healthy weight loss would be greatly reduced.

How many times have you heard someone say: “Right, let’s get back to basics,” or: “Okay, back to the drawing board” because they have tried doing something they didn’t really understand and as a result failed in whatever they were trying to do.

Understanding Weight Loss Basics - Introduction: Derelict House 1Would you build a house without laying a good foundation? I think not. How do you lay a good foundation? By understanding the basics of whatever you may be attempting.

Losing weight is no different, knowing and understanding the basics for healthy and permanent weight loss will help you lay a good foundation and, once laid, you are half way to achieving your dream and reaping the benefits of a fitter and healthier you that comes with healthy long-term weight loss.

If you find Understanding Weight Loss Basics – Introduction helpful, may I suggest that you print out and read the series of articles I have written on understanding weight loss basics?

As previously stated, losing weight safely, healthily and permanently is a challenge and they may help you in deciding if you can face that challenge.

I sincerely hope Understanding Weight Loss Basics – Introduction inspires you to go on to read and digest the articles. Start with Weight Loss Basics, then I would suggest reading through each article in the order they appear in the drop-down menu to help you decide if weight loss is for you.

If you decide that you are up for the challenge, great, then read and act upon each one before going on to the next one. I cannot guarantee personally you will succeed, that is down to you and how strong your motivation and will to win is. But what I can guarantee is, that by reading and acting upon them, your chances of success are far greater than just suddenly deciding you want to lose weight.

Article 1: The First Three Weight Loss Basics You Need To Understand

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