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Welcome to my website. In its pages I will attempt to explain aboutWeight Loss - Home: The New You Starts Here weight loss and what is needed to achieve it safely and permanently.

Through its pages I hope you will find the inspiration and determin­ation to achieve whatever your weight loss aspirations may be.

There are a small minority of people who, due to their basal metabolic rate (BMR), can eat, drink and make merry without gaining weight. Their body will use the amount of calories it needs and burn off the rest, thereby not storing them as fat, but even these people need a well balanced diet to maintain good health

Unfortunately, the majority of people suffer varying degrees of weight gain depending on their metabolism. It is a problem they will have all their lives, there is no magic wand or instant cure for weight gain, but it can be controlled through diet and exercise.

What this website is not about is offering the latest weight loss fad diets, “lose ten pounds in ten days with our new miracle diet”, or “watch the weight fall off with the latest wonder slimming pill”.

What this website is about is offering a way to healthy long-term weight loss, without the scams that are designed not to reduce the size of your waist line, but only the size of your wallet!

Research has found that many of these slimming aids are not onlyHome: Slimming Aid Capsules completely useless, but, as the majority of general practitioners, dieticians and nutritionists will tell you, that used over long periods they can also be extremely dangerous to health.

Crash dieting may be ok in the short-term if you just want to lose a few pounds before going on vacation and look good in your bikini or swim shorts while on the beach, but there is no substitute for a long-term weight loss program, losing the recommended one to two pounds per week.

The use of slimming aids and crash dieting should only be undertaken with the advice, and under the supervision, of your GP or other qualified persons, who, if they think it necessary, in particular if awaiting surgery or suffering serious health problems, will recommend suitable slimming aids which can only be obtained on prescription.

Never, ever, buy so-called slimming aids online, especially from companies claiming their products are safe and have been recommended by health professionals, the majority of these claims are false and their products may even contain banned substances. Slimming Aids – The Risks and Slimming Aids – The Risks: Update

Health professionals will normally only recommend slimming aids that have been trailed, tested and licensed, or from a reputable company whose products have been found to be safe.

weight loss: Facing Up To Reality

Losing weight is not for the fainthearted. It is a marathon not a sprint. It will take determination, willpower, and, above all, a burning desire to succeed, before you cross the finishing line.

A change in your lifestyle, and possibly that of your family, is inevitable. It is not an option, it is a necessity. A whole new outlook will be needed if you are to be successful in your weight loss ambitions.

Some may tell you that you can lose weight without changing your lifestyle. This may be possible if you resort to slimming pills and other dubious fat burning products that are certainly not conducive to healthy long-term weight loss, and are being touted by some unscrupulous person trying to sell some vulnerable people the impossible dream.

There are many diseases directly related to excess weight and obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and some form of cancers, being only a few. These are not the figment of someone’s imagination but proven, well-known medical facts, but you can help avoid them by reducing your weight through weight loss diets and exercise.

I sincerely hope that the above paragraphs will not frighten or deter you, but will help you in deciding if you are up for the challenge ahead, now or in the future.

Banish Self-Doubt

There will inevitably be times when self-doubt rears its ugly head, times when you feel you have failed. Don’t even look upon it as failure, look upon it as something new you have learned on your road to success. Delete the word failure from your dictionary, you don’t need it! Always keep in mind the words of Vincent Lombardi: “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win”.

One of my favorite stories about dedication and determinationHome: Electric Light Bulb never to quit concerns Thomas Edison, who took 10,000 attempts before he finally invented the electric light bulb.

Once, while giving a lecture, he was asked by a student how it felt failing 9,999 times before inventing the electric light bulb at the 10,000th attempt. He replied: “Young man, I didn’t fail 9,999 times to invent the electric light bulb. What I did was discover 9,999 ways how not to invent the electric light bulb”. Now that’s dedication and determination!

Although there are claims that he didn’t actually invent the electric light bulb but some sort of incandescent filament, it takes nothing away from his perseverance and dedication to succeed that led to the electric light bulb as we know it today.

Laying A Strong Foundation

I personally cannot guarantee than you will succeed in your weight loss efforts, that is entirely in your hands. What I can guarantee, though, is that with a good understanding of weight loss basics your chances of success are far greater than just going into something, whatever it may be, without any prior knowledge.

Whatever you may attempt, you need a basic knowledge of the subject to help build a strong foundation, and losing weight is no exception. Once you have laid that strong foundation you will find that each step on the road to successful weight loss will become easier as you progress.

There are two ways you can navigate the pages on my site: by using the drop down menus or the links that you will find at the end of each page, for example:

On the menu bar you will find BASICS. Clicking on this will take you to a page Understanding Weight Loss Basics. Once you have read this you can click on each article in the order that are contained in the drop down menu under Basics, or

You can click on the link at the end of each page of whatever menu you are on, this will take you to the next page of that menu.

Before starting on your journey to a fitter healthier you, there are many questions to be asked and addressed, and I highly recommend that you study and understand all the articles on the basics of losing weight safely and successfully before starting on you journey to healthy and permanent weight loss.

Once again, thank you for visiting my website, I hope you find it helpful in deciding what course of action you wish to take, a positive one I would like to think, but please don’t become complacent, the hard work starts here.

If you have a problem or need advice on something you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to contact me at, where I will only be too pleased to help if I can.


The content of this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be perceived as providing medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided on this site should complement, not replace, the advice and relationship of your health care provider. You should always seek the professional advice of your physician prior to beginning a new diet, fitness or weight loss program.


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