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Recipes – Menu 11 Menu 12

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The penultimate recipe, let’s have a look at Menu 11 Menu 12.Menu 11 Menu 12: Chef

In Menu 11 Menu 12 there are also the ingredients and method to create your own sauces, desserts, etc, that you may find useful to help in your weight loss efforts and calorie counting.

menu 11

Stewed Prunes3–4 Medium0119
with Sugar1 Teaspoon0020
Puffed Wheat1 Cup0045
with Sugar1 Teaspoon0020
Skim Milk½ Pint0087
Skim Milk Powder2 oz.0108
Sweet Roll1 Average0178
Tea or coffee1 Teaspoon Sugar0020
Scotch Broth (Campbells)1 Serving (3 to Can)0096
Cottage Cheese
½ Cup0108
Artichoke1 Large0051
Carrot Curls½ Small Carrot0010
Cauliflower Hearts½ Cup0008
Peaches, Canned2 Halves0068
Pears, Canned2 Halves0068
Italian Bread1 Slice0053
Buttermilk½ Pint0086
Rib Roast Beef2 Slices, 3″ x 2¼″ x ¼″0287
Baked Noodles*
Broad Noodles
½ Cup0053
Skim Milk¼ Cup0022
Cornstarch¾ Teaspoon0009
Peas½ Cup0075
Green Salad
with Spanish Dressing
½ Cup0009
Skim Milk¾ Cup0065
Sponge Cake1 Piece
(One Tenth of Average Cake)
Tea or Coffee1 Teaspoon Sugar0020
total for day
Fat (Grams)27
Protein (Grams)103
Carbohydrate (Grams)284

*Baked Noodles


Make thin cream sauce with ¼ cup skimmed milk and ¾ teaspoon cornstarch.
Add to noodles; add seasoning caraway seed.
Bake 5 minutes in oven.

Noodles Continental

(as an alternative)


1 cup noodles
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon raisins.


Boil noodles.
About 4 minutes before they are done, add raisins.
When done, place in strainer, pour hot water over noodles and drain.
Add cinnamon and sugar.
Place in 350°F, 180°C, Gas Mark 4 preheated oven for 10 minutes or until brown.
(Approximately 140 calories).


menu 12

Sliced Banana1 Large0176
Pep Cereal1 Cup0105
with Sugar2 Teaspoons0040
Whole Wheat Toast2 Slices0110
Jam1 Tablespoon0058
Skim Milk½ Pint0087
Skim Milk Powder2 oz.0108
Tea or Coffee1 Teaspoon Sugar0020
Creamed Ham and Egg Whites*
1 Slice, Cooked, 4″ x 1″ x ¼″0120
Egg Whites20030
Cornstarch¾ Teaspoon0009
Skim Milk¼ Cup0022
Toast1 Slice0060
Jam1 Tablespoon0058
Toast1 Slice0060
Skim Milk Powder2 oz.0108
Tea or coffee1 Teaspoon0020
Beef Stew:
Beef, Round
2 oz. (2 pieces, 4″ x 1″ x ¼″)0164
Potato1, 2¼″ Diameter0083
Carrot¼ Cup, Diced0012
Celery¼ Cup0005
Onion1 Medium0045
Beef Stock Cube10020
Tomato Salad
with Spanish Dressing**
1 Medium Tomato0030
Rye Bread1 Slice0060
Jam1 Tablespoon0058
Sweet Cherries½ Cup0105
Buttermilk½ Pint0085
total for day
Fat (Grams)26
Protein (Grams)67
Carbohydrate (Grams)262

*Creamed Ham and Egg Whites


Hard boil 2 eggs, allow to cool.
Place flour in suitable receptacle.
Slowly add milk, stirring until a creamy, lump-free consistency.
Place over heat and stir until mixture thickens.
Separate white from yolk of eggs.
Chop egg whites and ham.
Add to mixture.
Serve on toast.
(Place under grill till slightly brown if preferred).

**Spanish Dressing


1 teaspoon dry salad dressing (French),
½ teaspoon dry salad dressing (blue cheese)
¼ cup juice of lemon
a few drops of tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce
¼ cup vinegar or wine
1 teaspoon sugar.


Place all ingredients in covered bottle and shake thoroughly.
Minced onion may be added or 2 tablespoons skim milk powder for variation

The sixth in our series of recipes, I hope you found menu 11 Menu 12 helpful in your weight loss efforts.

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