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Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 1

The First Three Basics You Need To Understand

If you have not already read Weight Loss Basics, and Weight Loss Basics: Introduction before going on to Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 1, I strongly recommend that you do so as it may help you decide whether orUnderstanding Weight Loss Basics - 1: Facing Up To The Challenge not you have the will power and determination to face the challenge that lies ahead.

If you have already read Understanding Weight Loss Basics, and Weight Loss Basics: Introduction and accepted the fact that a change in your lifestyle is inevit­able, and decided you have the desire and dedication to start on a journey that will ultimately lead to long-term healthy weight loss and a fitter, healthier you – congratulations, you have made a wise decision.

In the following article, Understanding Weight Loss Basics – 1, let’s take a look at the first three weight loss basics you need to understand.

understanding weight loss basics – 1:
Facing Up To Having A Weight Problem

First of all you need to admit that you do have a weight problem and face up to the fact that this is a lifelong problem. Once you have accepted the fact, ask yourself what may turn out to be one of the most important and critical questions you have ever asked yourself: “Am I prepared to do something about it”?

Understanding Weight Loss Basics -1: Medical ExaminationSecondly, after admitting you do have a weight problem, you need to identify why you are overweight.

There are some people, albeit a tiny minority, who, due to the mal­functioning of certain glands in the body, gain weight, or in some cases, lose weight regardless of any diet they may be on for weight loss or weight gain. See post Health Issues Behind Weight Gain

A full medical check-up by your doctor will identify any underlying medical problems you may have.

Apart from being overweight or obese, if you are given a clean bill of health then you need to address your daily eating habits, as you are probably overeating and consuming calories far in excess of what your body needs to function efficiently on a daily basis, the excess calories being stored as fat resulting in weight gain.

Thirdly, you need to ask yourself why you overeat. In many cases it can be down to personal problems.

Below, Understanding Weight Loss Basics: 1. identifies some of the problems that can cause “comfort eating”, leading to weight gain, and, eventually, to obesity.

  • stress imageHave you got marital or financial problems?
  • Is there friction between members of your family, leading to family rows?
  • Are you under constant pressure at work or worried about job security?
  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem or an inferiority complex?
  • Do you feel constantly stressed out and worrying you can’t cope?

These are just some of the problems that can lead to “comfort eating” and need to be identified and eradicated, with help and counseling if necessary, before starting on any weight loss program.

Cannot identify any obvious problems? Then perhaps the problem could be psychological, something that makes you feel depressed but you can’t understand why, something in your subconscious that keeps nagging at you but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

If this is the case a visit to your GP is advisable, who may then refer you to a specialist dealing with psychological problems. If you still haven’t identified any underlying problems causing you to overeat, then, I am sorry to say, your problem is probably the most common one of all: Plain, old-fashioned gluttony!

Once you have identified why you are overweight and eradicated any problems, if any which you may have had that caused “comfort eating”, congratulations. By getting this far you have shown that you have commitment and are ready for the next article: Weight Loss Basics: 2.

Article 2: Why You Need A Reason To Lose Weight

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